• Home Lighting

    Home Lighting

    Knowing the current needs of home lighting fixtures we import and distribute well known brands from all over the world, offering you great ideas and solutions.

  • Professional Lighting

    Professional Lighting

    Watching the development of professional lighting we design and propose solutions of high aesthetics, technology and quality

  • Hotel Line

    Hotel Line

    You will find fixtures with modern design and quality that reflect the current trends offering long lasting choices and solutions.


  • Architectural Lighting

    Architectural Lighting

    The study of architectural lighting brings up the architectural and surrounding areas. Highlighting the architectural lines of the area improves and enhances the aesthetics

  • Outdoor lighting

    Outdoor lighting

    Our sensitivity to quality, ergonomics, safety and design, led us to propose the proper lighting suitable for the emergence of any private, professional and public area

  • Building automation smart Home

    Building automation smart Home

    To have full control over the things that happen around you are no longer a privilege for the few. Just imagine, how much more convenient it is to program and manage from a tablet or smartphone all the functions of a building, the lighting, shading and air conditioning, even the audio and video multimedia applications, security systems and energy control.

  • LED Technology Products

    LED Technology Products

    Wide range of LED technology lighting that highlight the unique identity of each project and ensure maximum energy savings.

  • Manufacture of lighting equipment LED technology

    Manufacture of lighting equipment LED technology

    After so many years of experience and collaboration with top manufacturers, we created our own sets of lights with LED technology that we easily adapt to the needs of the projects we undertake retaining the detailed design and quality, always aiming to perfect aesthetic result.

  • Electrical Equipment - Lamps

    Electrical Equipment - Lamps

    Products of all branded companies to meet the needs of domestic and commercial premises: Switches - Video door phones - Lamps, etc.

  • wallpapers


    We import a wide variety of designs and colors for residential and business premises

  • Mirrors


    Great variety of classic and modern mirrors.

  • Paintings


    Modern and classic designs on canvas

  • Image

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  • Επαγγελματικός Φωτισμός
  • Hotel Line
  • Αρχιτεκτονικός Φωτισμός
  • Φωτισμός Εξωτερικών χώρων
  • Αυτοματοποίηση Κτιρίου <br> Έξυπνο Σπίτι
  • Προϊόντα Τεχνολογίας LED
  • Κατασκευή φωτιστικών <br>τεχνολογίας LED
  • Ηλεκτρολογικό Υλικό - Λαμπτήρες
  • Ταπετσαρίες
  • Καθρέπτες
  • Πίνακες Ζωγραφικής
  • Υπέρυθρη Θέρμανση